Machine World 2 is a quite special hybrid game, if we may say so ourselves. It simulates the use of various machines, and how these can work together. Using the different machines available you can shape the dynamic environment into anything you can dream of (within limits, of course).

To make this possible, there are many construction objects divided into various categories. They can all connect to each other, simulating bolting or nailing objects together. The objects themselves are often dynamic in the sense that you can specify their dimensions so they fit the construction you have in mind.

Among these objects are special things like lights (which all dynamically light their surroundings, of course), and things like doors and windows. These special parts will snap into place making fitting a window, door, or light to your constructions very easy.

Then there are various other tools, like construction lights, portable batteries, fuel containers and so on that make life so much easier.


Constructing buildings or structure in Machine World usually happens using cranes and manual manipulations. There are various vehicles with cranes in the simulation, ranging from trailers with small cranes, to mobile cranes and even a “Cloud Crane” helicopter.
These can lift construction objects (and vehicles) and place them precisely where you want them.


Aiding precise construction is a PDA, which can be used to remotely control cranes, measure things, and perform various other helpful tasks. With the crane remote control mode, you can stand beside the construction and precisely guide the objects into the desired place.
The PDA is also the main tool to direct the autonomous delivery ship, which can transport your building parts and vehicles around the world for you, while you do other things.


For maximum flexibility, you can always manipulate parts directly. There is also graphical user interface present which informs you of which parts are connected to each other, and how. For more realistic play, this feature can be restricted so that heavier objects cannot be lifter, or not lifted very far. How realistic you want it is up to you.


Machine World 2 is also about logistics. You have to move the parts and machines to where you need them. That is why everything can be transported, and in many different ways. There are various ships that can transport vehicles and parts, both ships that you have control directly, and the autonomous ship mentioned above.

But perhaps you need that excavator up on a tall mountain? That is where the Cloud Crane helicopter comes in. Can you safely lift that excavator up to where you want it, even now when the winds have picked up? You will soon find out…

Welcome to Machine World 2!