Machine World 2 is announced!

It is finally here, the day when all is revealed and we can look forward to a coming release!

Machine World 2 has been in development for a few years now, and being able to finally reveal – and soon release – the game feels amazing. We hope you are as thrilled about this as we are, and can’t wait to get your feedback.

What happens now is that we have to get the game through Steam GreenLight, which is a process where Steam members/players will vote for the game to be accepted as a Steam product for sale. We hope you will vote for it. If you do not already have an account at Steam, you can easily register (it’s free) and then cast a vote for Machine World.

As soon as Machine World 2 is “greenlit”, we will be able to release it. We have some minor bug fixing left, and some content to add (some tutorial things and new blueprints), but we expect to be able to release quite soon after going through Greenlight.

After release, we look forward to further developing and polishing the game with the help of the community. The game will be an “Early Access” game, meaning that we do not consider it fully finished. However, unlike many other GreenLight titles at Steam, the game is fully stable and playable (to the best our of knowledge based on our testing). So this is not a rough alpha that will crash on you at every corner.
Rather it is at the state of an advanced beta where we want to add the last layer of polish, get some help to find any obscure bugs still left, and get feedback on what more content to add.

So, as always, we are very much keen to involve the community in the future of the game. Please let us know in the forums what you think of what you, and please support us during Steam GreenLight.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the forums!

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