These are some of the machines in Machine World 2. Besides these, there are also different trailers to connect to the trucks. There are also a few machines not quite ready yet (among which are a Wheel Loader and another – quite special – excavator.

Common for all the machines are that we have modelled them down to component level. What we mean by that is that components are modelled separately, so a machine will have one or more batteries, fuel pumps, engines, gearboxes, engine control units, and so on. These all interact with each other which allows us to simulate realistic procedures and also failures (faults or even situations where batteries or fuel runs low).

So, starting one of the more complex machines is not just a single switch or button. Starting one of the turbine helicopters is a procedure with a number of steps that have to be done correctly.

Fear not, however. The machines are all documented well, and there are in game tutorial missions which walk you through startup and operations.

We will add more information to this page, as well as tutorial videos for the machines, in the near future. Stay tuned!


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