Drive, fly and operate cool machines that behave like the real thing - in Machine World!

#1 of ALL paid apps on the App Store in Sweden and Norway and top 10 of all paid apps in more than 39 countries (United Kingdom #2, Germany #10 and Switzerland #2)!

It is available on the App Store, click here to go directly to the game page.

Machine World is a big sandbox on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch*

Machine World encourages creativity and is loved by players of literally all ages around the world! In version 1.5.9, you have 13 machines to learn to operate and then take on your own adventures around the islands.One excavator, a Bulldozer, Semi Truck & Trailer, Mobile Crane, Rescue Helicopter, Rescue Truck (with strobe lights and a winch), Freighter with crane and much more!


Machine World is frequently updated, with the updates being free of charge for existing users. The latest major version (1.5.8) introduced the Bulldozer as a new machine and with it functionality to deform larger areas of dirt. Make your own roads or level ground to build that giant skyscraper - you are in charge!

Remember, you can dig and buld anywhere! Machine World is unique: there are no marked areas where you may dig, simply put the bucket into the ground and it will deform.

Machine World also differs from other games in how we deal with ground deformation and dirt. Dirt looks real, and behaves like in real life. When you pick up a bucket of dirt with the excavator, or push it with the bulldozer, it moves and deforms like you would expect. No particles that are just effects, no flat planes that magically raise. The dirt falls and forms mounds as it should.

The environment is interactive as well! An opening bridge with signals and gates, containers, building props - all of it can be controlled,rotated or moved with touch input!

In the latest version we again added lots of new objects to build with and lots of other interesting props (road signs, wind turbines, guard rails and much more)!

app_store_badge_en_0609.jpgLearning to play is easy, as Machine World has spoken help in english (with other languages to come). Help is never more than a tap away.

*Device Recommendations:
Runs on all iPads, iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch 3rd generation or later.
iPhone 4s, iPad 2 or later recommended for better graphics and performance.

Machine World is available on the Apple App Store - get your copy now! 



April status update

April 13

I must apologise. It has been too long since the last blog post. Unless you have been reading the forum (which you should, by the way ;) ), you might think we have been run over by a rogue bulldozer. But fear not; We are here and working harder than ever.

While we have been a bit quiet, these have been some very interesting months for us. A lot has happened, both in terms of Machine World development and in the industry on a grander scale. These are interesting times indeed.

This is also exactly why we have been a bit quiet and tight-lipped and are not posting lots of info on what exactly we have been up to. We simply think it is very cool and want to drop a lot of info when we are ready and closer to give you a chance to try it.

Machine World is evolving at a fast pace and what we are implementing is far and above what Machine World was when we released it over 2 years ago. 

We hope to soon reach the point where we can start posting more info on here. Until then my ambition is to post more frequently about things related to Machine World and development, to sort of tide you over until we have something to show.

Until then, thank you for your patience and have a great Easter if you observe it!


Happy Holidays!

December 23

Wow, another year has flown by and it has been awesome. We have been very hard at work here at Trino, and there are great things happening with Machine World in 2014. We really can not wait to share it with you.

We are as always very thankful for all the support and encouragement from our fans in the forums and via email. It really means a lot to us and without you our continued work would not have been possible. So a big Thank You to all of you from all of us here!

We wish you Happy Holidays and hope you will get a few days to just kick back and relax. We will be taking a tiny, small break and then be back in full force. 2014 will be an amazing year!

Until then, see you in the forums!


Version 1.5.8 is almost here!

September 20

As the first leaves of autumn are twirling down outside the office window, we are happy to announce that 1.5.8 has finally been sent to Apple.

It is a special update in that it is probably the biggest one we have done this far. In terms of things you will notice immediately are two new machines: A bulldozer (pictured) and a surprise machine that is hidden on one of the maps. Speaking of maps, they have been improved with lots of new buildings, building material and lots of small details like signs, barriers and more. 

We have also spent a lot of time on things under the hood. The save system has been rewritten as the old one (which was licensed from an external contractor) was proving too unreliable. The new one is fully under control and much more stable, you will be able to rely on it going forwards. We have also improved physics simulation in general, and added new support for deforming larger areas of terrain. So using the bulldozer you can quickly shape the terrain into a suitable surface for building, a road, jumps, or whatever you need.

There is also a brand new user interface. While "only" a cosmetic change it will enable us to more quickly change or add things to the game in the future, which is a very good thing. All in all, this update was a lot about that: improving the foundation to ensure we have a great system going forwards. We think we succeeded and hope you will notice this, both now and in the future.

By now I hope you understand why it has taken us a while since the last update. As some of you may know, we are a family owned and operated company, and there has been a lot of things in our private lives this past year which has made development more difficult than it should have been. In short, we hope you understand that if we get to chose between tending to our children and working on the game, we will chose family first. If you are a parent I hope you understand and make the same choice yourself.

So now we wait. The update has been sent to Apple and sits in their review queue. Usually it takes 4-8 days for them to start the review process, so in terms of a release date sometime next week is a good guess.

Last but not least, a warm thank you for your support. Your encouragement in the forums over the last 6 months or so has been absolutely fantastic. We are very happy so many of you enjoy the game and it really makes it such a joy to continue working on it. Thank you!


Field trip + status update

March 26

Time for another small update!
So what have we been up to? Well, a couple of weeks back we went on a little field trip to a road construction project up north. We spent an entire day recording machine sounds!

We know our users are as enthusiastic as we are when it comes to machines, and sound is a very important ingredient when trying to capture how cool construction machines really are. We want to get that right, and the only way to get it right is to record the sounds yourself. The material available to license/buy is not good enough.

We recorded a lot of different machines during the day and under controlled conditions. Thanks to a great working relationship with a major construction company we could dictate what the machines would do to get the material we needed. We also had several different microphones capturing different aspects of the machines at the same time, so we will be able to add some really nice - and realistic - character to the machine sounds in Machine World.
Our only regret is not bringing a dedicated photographer as we didn't have time to take as many pics as we would have liked. Well, there is always next time.
The sounds will be present in all their glory in the next version of Machine World, out soonish!

In the meantime please drop by and say hi the forums. We will likely post more images of the field trip in the "1.6 update" thread.


Status update

February 22

Still winter, still relatively cold up here in the frozen north. But at Trino HQ it's pretty warm and toasty as we work hard on the new version of Machine World.

As the last time, the teaser pic focuses on the new content. We have a massive amount of content created so you should find the new maps very diverse in terms of what they are focused on and what you can do.

We are not quite ready to share the rest of the things we have been working on. However, we are quite confident that you will be very satisfied with the new mission system and everything that ties into it. Our core focus is to enable you to perform missions and tasks without removing the open world gameplay. We think we have succeeded.

We have had tons of questions over the last weeks about when the next update will be released. People are also wondering why it's taking so long. Short answer: As avid gamers ourselves, we feel that once we do something it is important to do it right and in a way that promotes fun gameplay. So we would rather work a few extra weeks on something than releasing something too early.

So, while we continue the work we thank you for your understanding and patience. The next version will be released some time this spring. It will be free, and it will be awesome. :)

If you have the time, please drop by and say hi the forums.

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