Machine World 2 is an innovative machine simulator that offers users full control over realistic machines in a dynamic, fully deformable world. Developed by TG with collaboration with the Aviator Game APK, the simulator allows players to interact with meticulously detailed machines, mimicking real-world procedures and operations. With a mission system based on Blueprints, players can undertake challenges or freely develop their own structures and worlds. This paper explores the key features of Machine World 2, its system requirements, and the development philosophy of TG.

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Machine World 2

Machine World 2 is a cutting-edge machine simulator that immerses players in a virtual world of meticulously modeled machines. The simulation offers unparalleled realism, allowing players to operate and explore a variety of machines with lifelike physics and interactive systems.

This paper delves into the features that set Machine World 2 apart from other simulators, its mission system based on Blueprints, and the system requirements for a seamless gaming experience.


Features of Machine World 2

Realistic Machines

Machine World 2 boasts an impressive collection of over 16 fully modeled machines, each intricately designed down to the smallest details. From opening doors and hatches to switches that control fully simulated systems, the machines in the simulator mimic their real-world counterparts.

Deformable World

One of the standout features of Machine World 2 is the fully deformable terrain. Players have the freedom to dig and deform the landscape without limitations, making their interactions with the environment as realistic and immersive as possible.

Creative Freedom

Machine World 2 emphasizes creative freedom, allowing players to choose their own path. The mission system based on Blueprints offers challenges for players to build specific structures within time and fuel constraints. However, players are also free to create their own buildings and worlds without any restrictions.

Component Modeled Machines

The simulator takes realism to a new level by modeling all machine systems discretely. From engines and fuel tanks/pumps to batteries and gearboxes, all components are faithfully represented. The simulator also incorporates support for failures and low fuel/battery situations, adding an element of challenge to the gameplay.

First-Person Perspective

Machine World 2 is first-person oriented, providing an immersive experience for players as they enter buildings, furnish them, and interact with the machines from a realistic perspective.

System Requirements

To ensure a smooth gaming experience, Machine World 2 has specific system requirements:

  • PC or Mac with at least 6 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 5 GB of free storage space
  • Graphics card capable of Shader Model 3 or later
  • Gamepad or dedicated joystick(s) recommended, though mouse and keyboard can be used.


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Machines in the simulation are meticulously modeled, featuring intricate and interactive interiors, as well as authentic operations and procedures.


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Experience a fresh, dynamically created, fully malleable, and interactive world every time you initiate a new gaming session!


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A versatile construction system encompassing both exteriors and interiors, providing absolute freedom and a wide selection of diverse objects.

About TG

TG is a dedicated team of developers with a passion for machines. Their love for machines and creativity is evident in the meticulous design and attention to detail found in Machine World 2. The development of the simulator was primarily led by two individuals, with support from a network of specialists and consultants.

TG is committed to engaging with the gaming community and players, valuing their ideas and feedback. The company encourages players to share their thoughts through forums and social media channels, fostering a collaborative and player-oriented approach to further enhancing the simulator.


Machine World 2 stands out as a unique and immersive machine simulator, offering players unparalleled control over lifelike machines in a fully deformable world. Its emphasis on creative freedom and realistic gameplay, along with TG dedication to engaging with the gaming community, cements the simulator as a labor of love and innovation. As the simulator continues to evolve, it is sure to attract a growing community of machine enthusiasts and gaming enthusiasts alike.

What is Machine World 2?

Machine World 2 is an innovative machine simulator developed by TG. It offers players the opportunity to control a variety of realistic machines in a dynamic, fully deformable world, complete with interactive systems and detailed interiors.

What machines are available in the simulator?

Machine World 2 features a diverse collection of over 16 fully modeled machines, including construction equipment, vehicles, and more. Each machine is intricately designed with realistic physics and functioning components.

How does the deformable terrain work?

The simulator’s terrain is fully deformable, allowing players to dig and shape the landscape without any restrictions. You have the freedom to interact with the environment, creating unique and realistic interactions.

Is there a mission system in Machine World 2?

Yes, the simulator offers a mission system based on Blueprints. Players can undertake challenges to build specific structures with time and fuel limits. However, creative freedom is also encouraged, and players can develop their own buildings and worlds.

Can I enter and furnish buildings in the game?

Absolutely! Machine World 2 is first-person oriented, allowing players to enter any buildings and furnish them, providing an immersive experience within the virtual world.

Are machine components accurately modeled?

Yes, the simulator features component-modeled machines, where all systems, including engines, fuel tanks, batteries, gearboxes, etc., are discretely represented. Additionally, the game incorporates support for failures and low fuel/battery situations for added realism and challenge.


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