About Trino Games

Trino Games is a sufamilypic_smallbsidiary of Trino AB, a Swedish Design and Development company.

The idea behind Trino Games is to develop games and entertainment titles that we think should exist but do not. Our first venture was Machine World which is a sandbox title for iOS (iPads/iPhones) more or less developed based on wishes and feedback from my son.

Our latest venture is Machine World 2, which is a complete reboot of Machine World and builds on new, advanced technology. Machine World 2 is currently in the process of being released for Mac and PC, but will make its way to iOS as well in due time.

Machine World as a franchise is an example of our take on games/entertainment: Encourage creativity by supplying the tools and a context for them…then just play. Most other apps – especially those for kids – are either purely educational or games with a set of rules and conditions for success.

With our games we hope to provide the opportunity for an entertaining experience without any hard rules. Experience, learn, play and have fun!

Trino and Trino Games are small companies. Trino Games consist of a relatively small team headed by Daniel Forslund (founder of Trino AB), supported by friends and family. While small and independent, this actually means that we live and die by our reputation and quality. We are committed to our products and customers, and want to learn what you like – and dislike!

We hope to get to know you. Please register in our forums and say hi!

(Oh, and that image of me and my sun on christmas day morning, it is now more than five years old. Time flies, things change, and both Machine World and Trino has changed massively during that time. We hope you like the ongoing development that is Machine World!)

Our consultancy services

Trino has a long history of developing advanced interactive solutions, design, animation and film for other companies. If your company require services in these areas, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated website for business to business activities is being redesigned, but will be up again shortly.

Formal Information

Trino Games AB. Swedish company identification number 556770-7004.
For email inquiries, please use contact@trinogames.com. Be advised that this address is heavily spam filtered. We will likely respond quicker to inquiries sent via the contact form.