Machine World 1

Drive, fly and operate cool machines that behave like the real thing – in Machine World!

#1 of ALL paid apps on the App Store in Sweden and Norway and top 10 of all paid apps in more than 39 countries (United Kingdom #2, Germany #10 and Switzerland #2)!

It is available on the App Store, click here to go directly to the game page.

Machine World is a big sandbox on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch*

Machine World encourages creativity and is loved by players of literally all ages around the world! In version 1.5.9, you have 13 machines to learn to operate and then take on your own adventures around the islands.One excavator, a Bulldozer, Semi Truck & Trailer, Mobile Crane, Rescue Helicopter, Rescue Truck (with strobe lights and a winch), Freighter with crane and much more!

Machine World is frequently updated, with the updates being free of charge for existing users. The latest major version (1.5.8) introduced the Bulldozer as a new machine and with it functionality to deform larger areas of dirt. Make your own roads or level ground to build that giant skyscraper – you are in charge!

Remember, you can dig and buld anywhere! Machine World is unique: there are no marked areas where you may dig, simply put the bucket into the ground and it will deform.

Machine World also differs from other games in how we deal with ground deformation and dirt. Dirt looks real, and behaves like in real life. When you pick up a bucket of dirt with the excavator, or push it with the bulldozer, it moves and deforms like you would expect. No particles that are just effects, no flat planes that magically raise. The dirt falls and forms mounds as it should.

The environment is interactive as well! An opening bridge with signals and gates, containers, building props – all of it can be controlled,rotated or moved with touch input!

In the latest version we again added lots of new objects to build with and lots of other interesting props (road signs, wind turbines, guard rails and much more)!
Learning to play is easy, as Machine World has spoken help in english (with other languages to come). Help is never more than a tap away.

*Device Recommendations:App_Store_Badge_EN_0609

Runs on all iPads, iPhone 3GS or later, iPod Touch 3rd generation or later.

iPhone 4s, iPad 2 or later recommended for better graphics and performance.Machine World is available on the Apple App Store – get your copy now!